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  • Emirozen

    New rating:
    "Chained to the Rhythm" sounds much better now. After listening to this song with its music video, which is an art, I got the messages that I didn't get before. Can't wait for her fifth studio album!

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  • Emirozen

    About "Katy Hudson" album

    February 17, 2017 by Emirozen

    Katy Hudson:

    • "Trust in Me": "Trust in Me" is a great Christian-rock song with its incredible music and Katy's fascinating vocal performance. Katy's voice and the music are so compatible there. Katy sings with real and strong feelings and when it's the time she lets the music fascinate us. Backvocals by Mark Stuart are kinda incompatible there but they don't ruin this song.
    • "Piercing": "Piercing" is an amazing song especially with its chorus. This chorus makes the song more catchy and better.
    • "Search Me": "Search Me" is a nice song written with innocent and real feelings. This song really shows the connection between Katy and God at the time.
    • "Last Call": "Last Call" is the most lively song of Katy Hudson album. This song gives you positive ener…

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  • Emirozen

    To be honest, "Chained to the Rhythm" could be better. I was really waiting this song so fascinating 'cause it's the lead single from her fifth studio album. All of her albums' lead singles were much fascinating and all of them were masterpieces. Her debut album's (Katy Hudson) lead single "Trust in Me" was a great Christian-rock song with its great music and Katy's great vocal performance. "I Kissed a Girl", the lead single from her second album (One of the Boys), peaked at number 1 on lots of countries' music charts. "California Gurls", which is the lead single from her third album (Teenage Dream), was pretty sweet and nice. Her forth sudio album's (Prism) lead single, "Roar", was so powerful, especially with its chorus. But "Chained to …

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