Yes, the blog post tells no lies -- on December 30, 2011, Russell Brand filed for divorce from his wife, Katy Perry. Brand was sick of his wife's constant partying and apparently was not fond of some of her friends, including pop star Rihanna (who Katy plans to be going to Mexico with in the future to get over the split). There are also reports that Katy had told Brand she did not want to have children, although only a few weeks ago she had stated otherwise. Brand has recently stated, however, that the true reason for the divorce is "irreconcilable differences". Brand had gone on to say that he still adored Katy and was sure they would remain friends. Apparently, though, Katy had asked Brand to file for divorce to avoid upsetting her Christian parents -- Mary and Keith Hudson -- who had taught her that divorce was wrong. In addition to this, Perry and Brand had planned on spending Christmas together with Brand's family and ended up spending it 7,000 miles apart -- Perry had gone to Hawaii with some friends while Brand visited a longtime friend in Cornwall. Apparently there had been a massive fight before this, in which Katy basically told Brand: "F**k you, I'm going to do my own thing!" and Brand basically replied, "Fine, f**k you too!" While this has not been confirmed by either Perry or Brand, their relationship is coming to an end. We wish Katy and Russell the best as they part and go their separate ways.

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2. Perry Reportedly Asked Russell Brand To File Divorce Papers To Not Upset Parents | Fox News
3. Katy Perry, Russell Brand Spent Christmas Apart After "Massive Fight" -

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