Ferras and Katy Perry
Written by Ferras
Katy Perry

"Rush" is a song by Ferras and Katy Perry. The two performed the song live in Austin, TX, during the SXSW 2007 music festival.[1]


I kissed your sweet lips
I floated so high
Your eyes looked at mine
The world froze in time
What is this feeling?
I am on cloud nine
I'm still reeling
From your body
Next to mine

It's a rush
I can't explain
Like you shot
Something crazy
Into my veins
And I'm ten feet
Off the ground
And I don't want
To come down
Don't want
To come down

I know
You're sleeping
I wish you
Were right here
'Cause my bed's so empty
I'd hold you so close dear
And I sang my song to you
Your smile was priceless
What else can I do?

I'm a junkie over you


Is it me
Or is everything spinning
I'm wide awake
But I must be dreaming
It's like
You're some kind of drug
Try to catch my breath
And see
If I'm still breathing
Touch my heart
And make sure
It's beating
It's like
I'm falling in love


Gonna come down


  1. Katy Perry - Rush (Live at SXSW). YouTube.

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