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"Prism (Acoustic Sessions)" is a remix album by Country Club Martini Crew and was released as a free download on May 3 2014. It features acoustic versions of most of the tracks from Prism with the exception of "This Is How We Do", "Double Rainbow" and "Birthday".


most of the songs consist of a piano and Katy's vocals whereas "Roar", "Walking on Air", "International Smile" and "Spiritual" have an acoustic guitar instead of a piano with Katy's vocals.


The album was released with acoustic versions of tracks from prism, but the album would later receive a partnered re-release with Katy Perry Brazil only named "Acoustic Sessions" as the re-release included acoustic versions of tracks from "Teenage Dream", "One of the Boys" and Ferras' self-titled EP "Ferras"

Track List

Standard Edition Track Name Length
1. Roar 3:55
2. Love Me 4:03
3. Unconditionally 3:31
4. Spiritual 4:12
5. Legendary Lovers 2:52
6. This Moment 3:51
7. International Smile 2:20
8. Ghost 3:40
9. By the Grace of God 4:33
10. Walking on Air 3:08
11. It Takes Two 3:52
12. Dark Horse 2:48
13. Choose Your Battles 3:13
Re-Release Length
14. Birthday 3:29
15. Part of Me 3:17
16. Teenage Dream 3:42
17: Hummingbird Heartbeat 3:27
18: The One That Got Away 3:57
19. Legends Never Die (with Ferras) 4:35
20. Waking Up in Vegas 3:03

Other Recorded Tracks:

  • "PRISM:Country Club Martini Crew Megamix"

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