Katy Perry has been labeled a "hair icon" by some fashion artists throughout her career. She has styled her own hair or worn wigs depended on what she is doing. Some iconic moments are in the California Girls Music Video.

Katy Perry The Oscars 2017

Katy perry in Feb 2017

Katy Perry IHRA 2017

Katy perry in March 2017

Katy Perry 2012 (Headshot)

Katy perry in 2012

Witness Era

On February 6, Perry unveiled, with an Instagram post of herself sporting new bleached-blond hair, wearing a pink pants-suit against a gradient blue background, captioned "New life who dis". This was followed by an official announcement from the Recording Academy that Katy Perry will be performing at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Sometime before the video for Bon Appétit, Perry cut more of her hair off, with the end result being the popular pixie cut.

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