Katy Hudson album
Katy Hudson
Written by Katy Hudson
Mark Dickson
Produced by Otto Price

"Faith Won't Fail" is a song written by Katy Perry (then Katy Hudson) and Mark Dickson for Hudson's self-titled debut album, Katy Hudson.


Hudson explained the meaning of the song on her site in 2001.

"I was just thinking about faith and how it's so sufficient in every situation in the Bible. When Daniel was in the lion's den or when Peter walked on the water, they had the faith to look past their problems. A lot of times I'll get distracted and lose focus in my relationship with Christ. I try to keep on and have that persistent faith to get me through things, and even that small little mustard seed of faith always moves my mountain."


You could throw me in the fire
And I won't be burned
For my faith is Your desire
And Your love endures

You could throw me in the prison cell
Shackle me up against the rail
But time and time again
My faith won't fail

For He'll prevail
In the midst of all my trials and tribulations
And He'll prevail
In the midst of all my sin and temptations
He'll prevail
When I fail and He will pick me up
For time and time again my faith won't fail

You could throw me in the ion's den
But they won't harm me
For Your grace surrounds me
And it sets me free

And I can walk upon the water
And I will not drown
For my eyes are set upon You
And no one can bring me down

For His angels surround me
And You've poured out this blood covering and I will walk and not fail
For time and time again
My faith won't fail


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