Jadyn Maria
(feat. Katy Perry)
Written by Katy Perry
Dreshan Smith
Joy Strand

"A Man's World" is a song written by Katy Perry, Dreshan Smith, and Joy Strand. The song is performed by Jadyn Maria featuring Katy Perry. Maria appeared in Perry's music video for "Hot N Cold".


heeeeeey, ay ay ay ay ay ya (x3)
i bought him a drink before he could get away,
and in the morning sewed his jeans, they look better on me anyway
yeah i got the beauty but i got the brains,
so don't play with me boy cause i'll beat you at you're own game.
it's a man's world but i'm the type of girl
really doesn't matter cause i can do it better
in a man's world but i'm the type of girl
it won't even phase me cause i'm that kind of lady (x2)

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
know where i'm going, don't need directions.
sit back boy, i'll teach you a lesson.
i'ma kiss you first, don't need your permission.
cause girls like me break the tradition.

chorus (x2)

you gotta be
kiddin' me
to think that i should be listening
every word
you're telling me
... it's not working
they must be outta their mind
they must be crazy
this could be just a waste of time
cause it's a, cause it's a


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