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Released 2005 (cancelled)
Producers Katy Perry
Glen Ballard
Label Columbia
From (A) Katy Perry

(A) Katy Perry is an album recorded by Katy Perry. The album was meant to be Perry's debut under her new stage name, "Katy Perry" and as a solo artist, after working as the female vocalist on the then-canceled Matrix's album. The album was recorded by Perry during her recording sessions with Glen Ballard. Ballard had previously produced Alanis Morissette's album Jagged Little Pill, which released in 1995 and became a best seller. Perry enlisted the help of Ballard knowing his work for Morrisette, which was a major influence to her music. In an interview with Blender Katy revealed the album was due in 2005, saying “My album will be more rock, which is probably why my parents think I’m going to hell!”.

The album was scheduled to be released August 18, 2005 but was cancelled because the record label could not figure out how to promote Perry. Some media sources claim the album received a limited release in Japan sometime in 2005 through promotional means, but according to Ballard the rumor was false. Six of the "best" songs from the recordings were then used for Perry's breakthrough album, One of the Boys.

Promotional DVD

Katy Perry was set to release a DVD in Fall 2004 promoting herself and the album, but upon being dropped from Columbia Records and the album's cancellation, the DVD's production was halted. Only a teaser of the DVD was released. The teaser included clips of the music videos Perry had shot for the album. The music videos shown included "Diamonds", "Simple", "Long Shot", "Box", "A Cup of Coffee", and "It's Okay to Believe". These clips were never aired on television, but were uploaded onto YouTube. Perry is credited as "Katheryn Perry" in the videos.

Track listing 

This track list is based off the first track list of the album that surfaced online.

# track list LENGTH
1. "Box"   3:55
2. "Diamonds"   3:54
3. "Hook Up"   3:13
4. "LA Don't Take It Away"    
5. "Long Shot"   4:08
6. "Oh Love Let Me Sleep"    
7. "It's Okay to Believe"   3:19
8. "Sherlock Holmes"    
9. "Simple"   3:40
10. "Takes One to Know One"   3:04
11. "Wish You the Worst"   3:08
12. "The Better Half of Me"   3:13
13. "Weigh Me Down"   3:26
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Other tracks recorded

Some of these tracks could also be recorded during the sessions of the other planned/unreleased album Fingerprints.

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